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Personality Colors

Having fun is a strong priority for me.
I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh.
I am very optimistic and upbeat, always wearing a smile.
I tend to look younger than my age.
I tend to be rebellious. I hate being told what to do.
I need physical exercise or dance regularly.
I tend to fidget or have high energy.
I like to be creative or artistic or work with my hands.
When there is conflict, my first impulse is to avoid the situation, retreat, or run away.
I am sensitive. My feelings can be hurt very easily.
I have or have had a tendency to regularly overdo at least one of the following: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, sex, exercise, chocolates or other sweets, or overeating.
I believe that sex should be fun.
My appearance can seem androgynous or asexual.
I have difficulty relating to my physical body.
I have a highly sensitive physical, emotional, and psychological system.
I am highly intuitive or psychic.
I have clear memories of past lives or can see spiritual beings in other dimensions.
Computers and other technologies are second nature to me.
I have difficulty relating to the world in its current condition and often don’t feel that I belong here.
I “know” there is spiritual energy in all things.
I am extremely sensitive and compassionate, yet strong and independent.
I constantly question and challenge old, dogmatic beliefs and methods.
I cannot be forced to operate against my beliefs even if it would make others happy. Guilt and punishment do not work on me.
I feel more creative and spiritually “advanced” than others.
I feel that I have a message to get across to people.
I have a strong desire to help improve the planet.
I have always felt that I was going to be famous or do something important.
I have had a desire to perform for audiences.
If I had a lot of money, I would travel or become involved in humanitarian causes.
Freedom and independence are major priorities for me.
I would much rather be self-employed.
I am very interested in cosmic and universal concepts.
I frequently end up in leadership positions or at least at the center of attention.
I have often felt different from others.
I am passionate about sex.
I can become involved in too many projects at the same time.
People frequently turn to me with their emotional problems and I usually lovingly listen and counsel them.
I am emotional and can easily be moved to tears.
One of my strongest priorities is to be in a loving, monogamous relationship.
I have difficulty letting go of relationships.
Spirituality, love, and people are the most important elements in my life.
Money is not my first priority.
I tend to help and take care of everyone.
I feel guilty if I say no to someone.
I frequently have cold hands and feet.
When there is conflict, I want everyone to love one another.
I tend to feel very empathetic toward other people.
I tend to be intuitive
I can be a workaholic, have a hard time relaxing, and am often in a hurry.
I tend to be a perfectionist and am usually demanding on myself and others. I can be blunt and critical.
I like things to be organized, efficient, and well planned. I frequently write lists.
My three strongest priorities are making a lot of money, accomplishing my financial and business goals, and being respected by other powerful and intelligent people. These are more important to me than helping others or improving the planet.
I enjoy being in charge and delegating responsibilities.
I can be strong willed and tenacious.
I need to learn and to be intellectually stimulated.
I enjoy the challenge of developing plans and ideas rather than doing detailed work.
I have high standards in relationships and tend to be easily bored by most people.
I can become impatient and frustrated with people if they are not motivated and ambitious.
I can intimidate people.
I prefer jobs that allow me to work randomly with all the details of a project.
I can see all the details that need to be taken care of, but I have difficulty deciding which ones need to be done first.
I usually see numerous solutions to a problem.
I frequently feel scattered, often forget appointments, or overbook my schedule with conflicting appointments.
I prefer the security of a paycheck.
I tend to theorize about emotions rather than actually experience them.
I know many acquaintances, but have very few close friends.
I enjoy attending social functions where I can talk with a lot of people.
I love humanity, but I am often uncomfortable maintaining an intimate relationship.
I get so busy and things get so hectic that I often forget to pay my bills.
My possessions are not very important to me so I have trouble taking care of them.
I am constantly misplacing things.
Home and family are two of my most important priorities.
I feel that supporting community activities and attending functions such as PTA meetings are important.
I prefer to work in a support role in which I take care of the details, for example, secretary, bookkeeper, homemaker, medical assistant.
I am a sensitive, calm, patient, and rational thinker.
Having a sense of security and stability in my home is important to me.
I tend to be a patient listener.
I tend to be quiet, reserved, and often shy.
I prefer to understand the logic in a situation; however, I am also emotionally supportive of people’s needs.
I believe that service to humanity is true spirituality.
I usually put my family’s needs before my own.
I prefer to work in a structured environment.
I usually work out my emotional upsets in a calm, logical, and quiet manner.
I enjoy analyzing and measuring the environment.
I am able to judge weight, distance, and volume through inner physical senses. (I can tell how much something weighs by holding it in my hand.)
I am a logical and practical thinker.
I am slow to develop friends and usually spend my time alone.
I am fascinated by such things as the control panels in airplanes or submarines.
I am a responsible, dedicated employee who follows directions well.
I perceive reality as logical and three dimensional.
I am a very private person and keep my feelings to myself.
I am quiet and reserved but independent and strong.
I prefer stable jobs and reliable paychecks.
I tend to be serious and self-controlled.
When raising children, I would be a rational disciplinarian.
I enjoy working with mechanical or electronic gadgets and machines — computers, calculators, appliances, and electronic games.
I prefer secure, stable jobs that provide regular paychecks.
I am not an emotional person.
I prefer to see the proof, logic, and data behind ideas.
I prefer to work on the details of a project or assignment.
I am a very analytical, logical, and sequential thinker.
My attitude is “seeing is believing.”
I am practical with money and prefer secure investments.
I usually follow the rules and abide by the laws. I prefer structure.
I tend to take a long time to make a decision. (Take as long as you want to answer this question.)
I typically follow a regular routine.
I tend to be a pack rat, hanging on to things just in case I need them.
I believe that life is physical and biological, not spiritual.
I tend to believe only in the existence of those things that I can physically touch.
I tend to be strong, honest, and blunt.
I often have a quick temper, but get over it quickly and do not hold grudges.
I prefer work that is physical and has immediate, tangible results
I enjoy taking physical action on projects rather than discussing ideas and plans.
I believe the primary focus and purpose of my life is to work hard, but to experience all of life’s physical and animalistic pleasures.
I tend to be a loner.
I tend to express myself through my sexuality and my physical body more than through my intellect or my emotions.
I am usually powerful, self- confident, independent, and practical
I am persistent and hardworking and usually keep the rest of the team going.
I tend to be a physical daredevil and risk-taker.
I relish dangerous, thrilling, physical challenges — the more dangerous, the better.
Having a regular job and a family feels boring to me.
I prefer occupations that allow me to experience raw, physical courage. Stunt double would be a perfect career.
I tend to use money for daring adventures such as mountain climbing or car racing, rather than for investment.
I prefer to spend time alone or in the company of other daredevils.
Experiencing physical pain does not frighten or deter me.
I prefer doing high-risk, individual sports rather than team sports.
I enjoy the challenge of going beyond physical limitations
I do not need to share my emotional feelings with anyone.
People often see me as self-absorbed and aloof.


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