The bright and curious Abstract Tans are unique characters in the mental family. They are the most childlike of all the Tans. Abstract Tans are open, friendly and outgoing. They have incredibly optimistic personalities. Though they frequently have high energy, it is also usually scattered. They tend to go in many directions at once.

All the other Tan personalities process information in a very logical and sequential manner. They process every step in a linear fashion, from one to ten. While Abstract Tans see all the details and steps which need to be handled, they do not proceed in an orderly fashion.

Abstract Tans have random thought processes. Rather than proceeding step by step, they attempt to work on all of the steps simultaneously. They do not sense that any one step is a priority — the first step is just another piece in the project, as is the last one. These sensitive individuals often appear to be scatterbrained to others.

Abstract Tans are consistently misplacing or losing their possessions and they usually can’t remember where they put things last. Their lives seem to be in a constant state of confusion and disorder. Abstract Tans energy is so unfocused that people around them can become agitated trying to pin them down.

Abstract Tans have energy similar to that of fireflies or hummingbirds. Their rapidly vibrating wings move a hundred times a second as they constantly change course in mid-air.


You and Your Personality Colors

The bright and curious Abstract Tans are unique characters in the Tan family. They are the most childlike of all the Tans. They are open, friendly, and outgoing. They have incredibly optimistic personalities. Though they frequently have high energy, it is also usually scattered. Although these Tans see all the details and steps that need to be handled, they do not proceed in an orderly fashion. They have random thought processes. Rather than proceeding step-by-step, they attempt to work on all the steps simultaneously – like a jigsaw puzzle. Even though Abstract Tans can become quite scattered, like all Tans they still prefer to work with the details of a project and they prefer the security of a long-term, regular paycheck.

In power, Abstract Tans are friendly, energetic, optimistic, and cheerful. They have enough energy to handle many projects simultaneously and can be storehouses of information. Although they prefer the information to be intellectually and factually based, they can also be open-minded and flexible.

Out of power, Abstract Tans can be scattered, forgetful, and ineffective. They have trouble organizing their lives. They tend to over-commit themselves and then cannot follow through with their promises. They are easily confused and distracted. Then, these sensitive individuals close themselves off emotionally from others. They slowly retreat inside their heads, which leaves them feeling safe but lonely and isolated.

Abstract Tans prefer mates who can help to establish order in their chaotic lives. They want partners who are willing to provide a steady foundation and who will understand their theoretical discussions. They need partners who are strong and capable of taking care of them, but they are comfortable with partners who are caretakers or playmates.


Your Life Purpose

A Tan’s life purpose appears to be to analyze, learn, and understand three-dimensional reality and then enjoy living a comfortable, secure and stable life. They are logical, methodical, reliable and responsible. Tans prefer and can be counted on to handle the details of a project. They are the personalities who can patiently take others’ ideas and theories and actually develop the technology, architectural plans, or end products. Tans have the ability to accomplish tasks that would frustrate others.

Tans enjoy careers as engineers, architects, bookkeepers, scientists, mathematicians, computer programmers, librarians, court reporters, researchers, and technicians.



These practical and down-to-earth personalities value long-term commitment. They need partners they can count on to be logical, devoted, and reliable. They prefer partners who can be content with and even appreciate a basic and secure lifestyle – not those who need extravagance or an outrageous and adventurous life. Tans often are the ones who faithfully stay in jobs and marriages their entire lives. They work steadily and earn a reliable income so they can have a secure home environment, a healthy pension, and safe retirement plan. This way they can provide for their family and live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Tans are not risk takers or gamblers; they prefer partners who will share in a safe, sensible, and long-term committed partnership.


Careers & Jobs

Abstract Tans need jobs that involve a variety of tasks and that allow them to randomly juggle all their skills and talents. They need freedom to create their own schedules and plenty of room and time to complete assigned projects. They need free reign to accomplish all the necessary tasks in random order. They cannot feel confined or restricted by stringent boundaries.

Abstract Tans function better when they are employees. They are not organized enough to run their own businesses. However, they also cannot be limited to rigid structures. If they become teachers, for instance, they can be given a list of the school’s required subjects to be covered, but they must have the freedom to bring the information together in their own random patterns. In a political science class, for example, rather than trace the history and development of politics, they should be free to choose a topic and randomly discuss related events.

Although they often process chaotically and without logical, sequential reasoning – Abstract Tans eventually put all the pieces together. They are happiest when they can work on all parts of the project simultaneously. They prefer their jobs to have an intellectual base, though they are not adept or organized enough to deal with a lot of paperwork. They prefer theorizing, reading, and discussing ideas.

Occupations that appeal to Abstract Tans include the following:
Teacher, Gardener, Consultant, Salesperson, City developer, Computer programmer, Landscaper, Designer, Health practitioner, Interior decorator, Interpreter, Graphic artist, Childcare worker, Tour guide, Travel agent.

Money & Abundance

Abstract Tans experience difficulty managing their money. Prioritizing financial obligations is a challenge for them. Their money is dispersed randomly — the bills that are paid change from month to month. They do not plan well; consequently, they do not always spend their money wisely. Often they buy items they already own because their lives are usually in such disarray that they either have misplaced the items or have forgotten they already own them.

Abstract Tans have trouble following budgets or financial plans. They are happier and their lives operate more smoothly when they employ others to keep track of their financial obligations.

Abstract Tans are exuberant childlike people who want to be liked. They are happy with their lives when they feel they are understood and accepted. They feel best when they have others around them who can provide a safe and secure foundation. They want the freedom to process life in the random and abstract manner that is natural for them without being criticized. They also do not want invasive, emotional demands placed upon them. They are happy when they are able to bring all the pieces of a project together.


Abstract Tans commonly have frequent and various health complaints, though most of their illnesses are not serious. They have random patterns of internal illnesses. Health practitioners have difficulty tracking their illnesses because nothing stays still long enough to be treated — while the stomach is treated for viruses, for example, the illness may move to the intestines. Abstract Tans do not follow normal disease patterns. Because Abstract Tans do not experience normal illness patterns, health practitioners are more successful at finding cures if they treat Abstract Tans’ mental and emotional conditions rather than the physical conditions.

Being forced to fit all the pieces together within tight time frames or within rigid structures can cause illness for Abstract Tans. Illness arises when they become overwhelmingly frustrated and fear they cannot pull it all together.

To remain healthy, the easily distracted Abstract Tans must learn to slow down and not take on too many commitments at once. Because they are inefficient at planning their time, they may want to find others who can help them plan realistic schedules. They need to include something every day that addresses their health. For example, on some days they can exercise or swim, on other days they can do yoga or stretching exercises. Or, they can relax or take a vacation. They can eat a variety of healthy foods every day. Their health care plan should be a complete package that has a variety of programs.

The most effective way for Abstract Tans to stay healthy is for them to maintain a sense of balance and freedom in their lives. They must be free to process their thoughts randomly. They should stay away from jobs or people who attempt to confine them to linear tasks. Allowing themselves to express their true nature — friendly, optimistic, curious, and bright — will also help them stay healthy.