The Environmental Tan is the bridge between the physical family and the mental family.

Environmental Tans experience their reality by physically touching their environment and then mentally analyzing it. (Occasionally, Yellow/Tan Combinations who have suppressed their free-spirited Yellow aspect believe themselves to be Environmental Tans. It is important that Yellow/Tans find a way to reconnect with their Yellow aspect rather than live believing they are Environmental Tan.)

Like their Logical Tan and Sensitive Tan counterparts, Environmental Tans desire security, stability, and logic. They operate best in a world of rules, boundaries, standards, and logical outcomes that follow basic laws of cause and effect.

Environmental Tans prefer structure and discipline. They process life in an orderly and sequential manner just as Logical Tans do, but they have the added ability to judge or measure their environment from an inner perception.

These amazing personalities can intuitively analyze spatial situations. They can sense the exact distance from one side of a room to the other just by looking at it. Environmental Tans relate kinesthetically and mentally to their Environment.


You and Your Personality Colors

Environmental Tans have a combination of physical and mental traits. They experience their reality by physically touching their environment and then mentally analyzing it. Like all Tans, they desire security, stability, logic, structure, and discipline. Many have an innate desire to investigate and evaluate the environment, then to help improve or rebalance it.

Environmental Tans are very intelligent people. However, they frequently have trouble expressing themselves – which can make them appear aloof and unresponsive. They tend to be quiet and shy on the outside while a great deal of information is being calculated and processed on the inside. They relish their privacy and typically withdraw from crowds or social settings.

In power, Environmental Tans have a strong sense of responsibility. They are loyal and competent workers. Having a strong need to complete a task, they often overwork to accomplish a project. They take their agreements and commitments seriously.

Out of power, Environmental Tans are not very flexible. They can be obstinate and slow moving. They hold to basic laws and standards and do not like to waiver. Any changes are thoroughly researched and analyzed before given consideration. Like Logical Tans, they can get stuck in a rut.

When Environmental Tans do develop a significant relationship, they are extremely loyal and committed. They are also very quiet and reserved – expecting their mates to assume their love is real without discussing it.

Many people are attracted to the Environmental Tan’s strong and quiet mystique. They often pursue this Tan for the pure challenge of capturing and conquering this elusive personality.

Clint Eastwood is an example of an Environmental Tan/Violet.


Your Life Purpose

A Tan’s life purpose appears to be to analyze, learn, and understand three-dimensional reality and then enjoy living a comfortable, secure and stable life. They are logical, methodical, reliable and responsible. Tans prefer and can be counted on to handle the details of a project. They are the personalities who can patiently take others’ ideas and theories and actually develop the technology, architectural plans, or end products. Tans have the ability to accomplish tasks that frustrate others.

Tans enjoy careers as engineers, architects, bookkeepers, scientists, mathematicians, computer programmers, librarians, court reporters, researchers, and technicians.



These practical and down-to-earth personalities value long-term commitment. They need partners they can count on to be logical, devoted, and reliable. They prefer mates who can be content with and even appreciate a basic and secure lifestyle – not those who need extravagance or an outrageous and adventurous life. Tans usually are the ones who faithfully stay in marriages and jobs their entire lives. They work steadily and earn a reliable income so they can have a secure home environment, a healthy pension, and safe retirement plan. This way they can provide for their family and live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Tans are not risk takers or gamblers; they prefer partners who will share in a safe, sensible, and long-term committed partnership.


Careers & Jobs

Environmental Tans are often drawn to occupations that allow them to analyze, measure, and physically interact with their environment. These kinds of jobs enable them to sense where and how they fit into their physical world.

They are drawn to such occupations as the following:
Archaeologist, Pilot, Geologist, Purchase order clerk, Environmental researcher, City planner, Botanist, Developer, Scientist, Architect, Explorer, Computer operator, Map maker, Lab technician, Forest ranger, Telephone repairman, Military personnel, Aerospace engineer, Farmer, Electrician, Shipping and receiving clerk.

Because Environmental Tans and Yellow/Logical Tan Combination Colors both enjoy physical and mental work, they often share similar career interests.


Money & Abundance

Money has tangible substance for Environmental Tans. Its purpose is to provide security for them and their families. Environmental Tans are loyal, dedicated workers who believe, like their Logical Tan counterparts, that people should work at long-term, stable jobs, earn decent wages, keep their money in secure money market accounts, and look forward to retirement benefits.

Environmental Tans are practical and cautious when spending or investing their money. They are not gamblers or risk-takers when it comes to deciding the fate of their hard-earned money. These pragmatic personalities believe they need to work for a long time to build a sturdy financial foundation. Using their money for physical investments such as land appeals to them because land has a tangible form they can touch. They can see their hard work translated into a physical reward that creates a sense of security for them.

Environmental Tans consider themselves successful if they are able to develop a secure and stable lifestyle for themselves and their families and improve the environment through the combined use of intellect and technology. Environmental Tan farmers are satisfied when they are able to financially provide for their families while they work with the soil and provide quality food for people. Environmental Tan researchers are pleased when they are able to produce a system that replaces valuable nutrients in an exhausted and abused environment. Environmental Tan employees feel successful if they make intelligent, rational, and practical decisions that result in profits for their employers.



Even though Environmental Tans frequently work in dangerous outdoor environments, they are careful planners and cautious workers. They analyze situations before undertaking tasks, so they rarely encounter physical harm. Even if they are in telephone repair and must climb to the top of telephone poles, they are careful enough to secure all safety devices first.

Environmental Tans are more likely to experience health problems that are related to mental stress. They are dedicated, hard-working people who push their mental stamina to the limits, completing their assigned tasks no matter how many hours they must work.

To stay healthy, Environmental Tans must maintain balance with mental work, physical exercise, nutrition, and rest. Frequently, they become so involved in their work they forget about the rest of their lives. Quiet, meditative time in natural surroundings is the most effective rejuvenation process for Environmental Tans.